UM Group Other Services

As a milestone, UMPTC formed a group by the name of United Malaya Group. Some of the other services are follows:

hotel management

Starpoints Hotel is the name under which we run butik hotel with 3 star standards located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Expansion is under process to other parts of Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bharu which is close to Singapore.

Chitra Sdu Logo

Saradu Plantation Sdn Bhd and P. T. Citra Ganda Utama are the names under which UMG owns the Palm Oil Plantation in Sarawak, Malaysia and Aceh, Indonesia respectively. Reasonable area had been divided into phases for clearing & planting of Palm Oil plants. In some of the phases harvesting had also been started. Setting up of oil extraction mills are also under processing.

building maintenanceUMG started its Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services through Perkasa Property Management Sdn Bhd. Initial projects like cleaning and maintaining the Formula One Circuit in Malaysia and Low Cost Terminal of the Malaysia airports are the benchmarks for the company. It also has many private properties, condominiums & factories under the maintenance project.

laundry servicesCrisp N Clean (CNC) is the brand under which UMG runs its hi-end domestic & commercial laundry services. CNC has several collection centers across the city from where the clothes are collected and serviced in the factory located in industrial area near the city. CNC has a list of star hotels & serviced apartments under their service.